Thrill Rides in Goa

As the name suggests, youre going to be walking pretty high up in the air on individual rows of wood, spaced out evenly over a distance of 40mt. Not only do you need physical endurance, a level of mental stability and guts are essential to accomplish this task. Upon completion you are left with an enhanced sense of control over both, your mind and body.


A bridge made out of cylindrical logs spaced out over a distance of about 30mt high above the ground. While the significant height might scare most, the fact that the bridge will shake if you are hasty or jump aggressively will definitely scare others. this is a test of both mental control, and physical coordination. This trail will test your risk taking ability, as you conquer your fears with every log you conquer.

Log Swinging Bridge

Stress Relief- To qoute Arjun from ZNMD, "Just let it go Imraan, Just let it all go!", while we may not be named Imran, we definitely need to let go of our worries and enjoy life to the fullest. One really great way to do this? Zipline a 100ft above the air, with nothing on your mind except the moment. not only do you feel immense clarity in that moment but you will find newfound joy within you. here are a few benefits of ziplining, all laid out for you.


This activity requires you to walk horizontally across a net made of ropes, requiring a high level of coordination between the entire body and mind. Engaging the mind and body in this activity is a must as you are high up in the air, with nothing to count on but yourself.

Cargo Net / Rope Net Traverse

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