Adventure Park in Goa

They say that nothing is what it seems. and although this looks easy, we dare you to come witness the thrill of climbing on a single rope, high above the ground. We welcome you to Burma Bridge; a single rope path held together by a web of ropes holding the rope upright.

Burma Bridge

A very simple yet demanding activity, tyre climbing requires you to climb a 15 foot high wall made entirely of tyres. physical stress, mental focus are some of the results of this activity. not only will this activity help you become coordinated, but will also result in improved endurance, improved focus and better stamina.


Testing your focus and mental coordination, this activity consists of several round cylindrical structures laid out ino the form of a ladder, horizontally connecting two high tower structures, over a distance of 30mts. the individual must move from point A to point B keeping in mind the balance between mental focus and physical stamina.

Catwalk Net

An activity that activates coordination between a large group of muscles in our body, this activity not only builds physical endurance, but also activates mental stability as you combine them both in an effort to reach the top. after you are done with this activity you will feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment as your muscles relax from the endurance that they have just been through.

Rope Net Climbing

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